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Bug tracking and project management software - Bugs Manager v1.5

Bug tracking and task management software - Bugs Manager Bugs Manager is a bug tracking and project management system. Track bugs, assign tasks, manage projects, review their status, run and print reports, make sure issues are addressed... Flexible enough to fit many different task management scenarios. Bugs Manager made us a better company. Can it improve your business too? We think so (discover why we developed Bugs Manager).

Written in pure ASP (active server pages), it runs on your Web server, and can be easily accessed and managed at anytime, from anywhere, using your browser. Because the ASP source code is included, you can also use it as a starting point and customize it to exactly fit your needs.

Bugs Manager makes managing a project an easier and more flexible task:Manage projects and tasks efficiently with Bugs Manager

  • Easier, because all team members are automatically notified via e-mail when a new task is assigned, or when a comment is posted to an existing task. Keeping everybody up to date is never a problem.
  • More flexible, because everybody involved with the project can access the system from any computer, at any time.

At Early Impact, Bugs Manager has dramatically improved our productivity, greatly streamlined the bug tracking process, reduced the number of mistakes that team members make, virtually eliminated overlapping work, and drastically reduced the time it takes to report, analyze, and solve a problem within a project. Check out this fully working demo to gain a better idea of how the system works.

Bugs Manager is flexible, productive, and affordable:

  • No monthly fees. Bugs Manager costs $295. That's it. No monthly fees of any kind, regardless of how many projects and how many users you will be managing. Free updates and support are also included.
  • Unlimited projects. The system supports unlimited projects. Project data is stored either in a MS Access or MS SQL database. It's up to you.
  • Unlimited users. Bugs Manager supports unlimited users. You can have any number of team members registered with the system, then assign each of them to one or more projects. When a team member logs into the system, he/she is only shown the projects to which they have been assigned.
  • Administrators, Project Managers, Team Members. Bugs Manager supports 3 levels of users.
    • System Administrators have access to all system features, can view and manage any project, can assign tasks to other team members, and can edit and/or delete feedback posted by other users. Administrators have access to the Control Panel.
    • Project Managers have administrator access to the projects that they have been assigned, but they do not have access to other projects, nor to the Control Panel.
    • Team Members have access only to the projects to which they have been assigned. They can add and read postings within those projects, upload files, and more.
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