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Test Bugs Manager's project management features

We created a fully working demo version of Bugs Manager, our new bug tracking and project management system. To enter the demo, click on the link below and log in as one of the 3 types of users described below. If you haven't already done so, take a look at a list of Bugs Manager's task management and issue tracking features.

>> Enter Demo

Bugs Manager supports three levels of system users:

System Administrators have access to all system features, can view and manage any project, can assign tasks to other team members, and can edit and/or delete feedback posted by other users. Administrators have access to the Bugs Manager Control Panel. To log in as an administrator:

  • User name: 12345
  • Password: admin

Project Managers have administrator access to the projects that they have been asked to manage. They do not have access to other projects, nor to the Bugs Manager Control Panel. To log in as a project manager:

  • User name: john
  • Password: 12345

Team Members have access only to the projects to which they have been assigned. They can also be chosen to manage one or more projects, in which case they have Project Manager rights for those projects. They can add and read posting within those projects, upload files, and more. To log in as a team member:

  • User name: peter
  • Password: 12345

>> Enter Demo

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