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Why this project management system...

At Early Impact we spend our time developing ecommerce application like our ProductCart line of shopping cart software. At any given time, we are involved in a variety of software development projects, and managing each of them effectively was becoming rather difficult.

So some time ago we started looking around for a good project management and bug tracking system. The result? We didn't find any of the software that we reviewed to be a good fit for us. Some came close, but none really matched our needs. What we were looking for was a system that would perform the following tasks:

  • Bug tracking and project management featuresManage unlimited projects
  • Manage unlimited tasks and users within any project
  • Assign a project manager to any project
  • Assign unlimited users to any project
  • Assign tasks to a user within a project
  • Automatically update each user via email any time a new posting related to one of their projects is submitted.

In addition, we were looking for a system that would not charge monthly fees and that would give us full control on the ASP source code in case we needed to make modifications to its features.

Since we couldn't find a system to match our requirements, we developed our own bug tracking system. And you know what? It could very well be a good fit for your company too.

Bugs Manager was designed for:

You can use this asp bug tracking system to manage a variety of projects, including:

  • Software development projects
  • Web development projects
  • Web design projects
  • ... and of course you can use it to track bugs and issues, assign tasks, manage team members, etc. for projects that have absolutely nothing to do with Web or software development. See a list of features >>>

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